Kumano Hayagake Michi

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Kumano Hayagake Michi
It is about 10 kilometers path with rich in preserved nature scenery of Japanese satoyama, a mountain village, from near Akizuno Garten in Kamiakizu to Nejiki-no-Sugi in Nagano. This hilly route is also a shorter way from Tanabe to Kumano. On the way, it offers a lot of exciting sites to explore; Senko-ji temple with a history of 1200 years,
Jyuo-do, Fudo-ji temple related with a hero of the battle of Genpei: Nasu Yoichi,
Hachiman-jinja shrine, Kofuku-ji temple, Hirune Chaya with a panoramic view of
Tanabe bay, and Nejiki-no-Sugi related to the legend of
Anchin Kiyohime. Nejiki-no-Sugi connects to Shiomi-toge
pass of Kumano Kodo, the world heritage, and reaches
to Takijiri-oji. This road was also used by Minakata
Kumagusu for botanical survey.